#14: How Clear Storytelling Can Unlock Unparalleled Growth

Another book review! This time we’re unpacking the highlights from Building a Storybrand by Donald Miller and sharing why clear storytelling works as a sense-making device to grow your YouTube channel, business, or anything else.

If you have just a YouTube channel, do you need a brand? YES!
— In 2018, knowing how to clarify a brand message is more important than ever. It doesn’t matter if you’re a business or a content creator.

Biggest Immediate takeaway from the book – “Clarity”
— Tagline is “Clarify your message so customers will listen.
— “If you confuse, you lose.”
— Sort of ties in with “1 True Thing.” Too much noise turns people off to your brand.
— We live in a time know where just being creative and different isn’t enough to set you apart from the competition.
— If you have a good product, a good channel, good videos but you’re not growing….you need to evaluate how you’re communicating to your customers/audience.

There’s an enormous competitive advantage in the marketplace if you can say very quickly what it is that you do in such a way that everybody who hears you says, “I need that!”

Steve Jobs ousted from Apple example: Steve was a tech geek and took out a 9 page ad to promote the Lisa computer. Obviously, this bombed. Spent time with John Lasseter and Pixar who taught him how to tell stories clearly. He came back with: “Think Different”

How do we solve our communication problem?
To mitigate confusion, creating a narrative “story” helps to simplify.
There are few things that are universal: good music, good food, and good stories.

7 Key Ingredients to Build a Story That Resonates

1) A Character
–Your customer is the hero, not you.

2) Has a Problem
— If you’re a YouTuber, what is your audience’s “problem?”
— They don’t know how to be a beekeeper, they want to be entertained?

3) And Meets a Guide
— Customers don’t want another hero to help them, they want guides

4) Who Gives Them a Plan
— Customers trust guides who have plans

5) And Calls Them to Action
— Bodies at rest tend to stay at rest, so do customers.”
— Don’t just assume your customer will react to your content.

6) That Helps Them Avoid Failure
— Visualizing the cost of failure is equally as important as communicating what success looks like.

7) And Ends in a Success
— But… It’s absolutely critical to nail a compelling picture of the “promised land.” People need to understand how their transformed life can look after your help!

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