#9: Channel Teardown: Red Letter Media

Have you ever wondered why and how your favorite YouTubers got to where they are?

Well, on this week’s episode we’re dissecting the popular movie review channel Red Letter Media. We dissect why it’s so popular and how it is so good at attracting and growing subscribers.

Jake talks a bit about the history of the channel and its beginnings. How two friends, Mike Stoklasa and Jay Bauman took a small video production company and eventually turned it into one of the ultimate film review channels on the entire Internet!

We dive into exactly what strategies and formats they use to make their own content so addicting and successful. From Mr. Plinkett’s hilarious video essays to Half in the Bag’s dark yet introspective take on current films, to Best of the Worst’s insanse B-movie madness!

Finally, we explore all the different ways Red Letter Media can expand and continue to grow their channel to new heights. How we’d like to see them evolve as content creators as well as what we can take away from their channel and apply it to our own.

Trust us.

You won’t want to miss this episode!!

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