15: Streamline Your Editing Workflow

Do you want to create better videos that stand out, get clicks, and keep your audience engaged?

Then you’ll want to learn how to edit your videos more effectively.

On this week’s Episode of Six Stars Only, we’re discussing how you can streamline your editing workflow to create professional-looking videos that keep your viewers watching all the way to the end.

We cover the multitude of reason’s why editing and post-production are so important as well as the things that editing alone can’t fix such as bad lighting, bad audio, and the wrong camera settings.

Then, we dive into tips and tricks we’ve learned over the years about how we edit our own content, how we organize our workspace, and what editing strategies we use to give our videos a unique flair and style.

Jake details his own personal editing process and how he approaches each project, how he pieces footage, voice files, and graphics files into something that resembles a YouTube video.

Then, Matt dissects how he edits videos for his business and gives insight on how to streamline the exporting process by utilizing Adobe Media Encoder.

Like a chef in the kitchen that takes ingredients and turns them into a culinary work of art, editing is one of the best ways to add your own personal flavor on your content and create something that stands out from the competition.

You won’t want to miss this episode!

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