#13: Channel Teardown: How Rich are They?

On this week’s episode of Six Stars Only, we’re deconstructing the YouTube Channel “How Rich Are They” and discuss how we can add our own personal style and flair to our content.

So what is, “How Rich are They?”

It’s a YouTube channel that talks about celebrities and about how rich they are. Covers rappers, athletes, actors, musicians, YouTubers, etc. He’s recently pivoted into making more TMZ/Gossip type videos as of recent.

Who runs the channel? I don’t know, “It’s ya boy Alfred.”

Quick Stats:
132k subscribers
31 million total views
410 videos

Most popular video:
“How Rich is Casey Neistat?”
– 1.17 million views

Last Month, they gained 585 subscribers on June 8th, the day he released the video, “6ix9ine LEAVES the COUNTRY within 48hrs after BEEF with Chief Keef’s Cousin Tadoe” That video currently has 775,000 views.

Breakdown of Average Video
– Vido essay style – Voice over (robot voice :D) on top of footage of the subject.
– Goes through the beginnings of said subject and details their career as well as how they began to acquire wealth.
– The videos aren’t very long, they average out at about 5 minutes or so.

What Separates, “How Rich are They” from the Rest?
It Oozes Style
– Quality writing and editing.
– Funny, witty content with a dash of informative details.
– Cashes-in on relevant, popular celebrities.
– Takes a seemingly stale type of video and makes it into his own style.

– Releases a video almost once a day. 22 videos in the last month. On July 4th, he released two videos.
– His most recent videos only have a few thousand views, but the consistency helps each video build off of each other.

What Do You Think They Can Do to Grow Their Channel?
– Gotta get that viewer retention!! aka longer videos
– He needs to make more playlists

Is it better to make fewer videos if they are longer? Or more videos that are a bit shorter? Your mileage may vary, but focus on getting your videos created and published on YouTube before you agonize about making longer and longer videos.

We mention using TubeBuddy to research our favorite content creators, but how do we use it?

Well, here’s a really good tutorial on how to operate it, how to explore tags in your niche, how to see what other content creators are doing in your field, and so forth.

I would really, really recommend downloading it because, well, it’s free! But it also gives you super insightful information on how to make your videos better and how to get your videos seen by searches.

Want some feedback on whatever you’re working on?

If you’re a new content creator like we are, you may want all the help and feedback you can possibly get!

That’s why we would love for you to message us for some of our feedback! Videos, blog posts, poetry, whatever you’re working on, we would love to help you out like you guys are helping us out.

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